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Forum - "Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon" not working

the game hanged after intro was played and the screen turned all white using the no$GBA 2.6a. anyone has the same problem?
Apr 16 @ 13:38
Go into the No$GBA options and ensure the correct save type has been selected. If one does not work, keep trying until you find one that does work. Remember, these vary between games ,but with 2.6a the Auto option should work fine. The name of the setting you should be looking for is NDS Backup Media Catridge.
Apr 16 @ 14:37
I tried them all! but none of the setting work!

I just download the most recent rom on this site.

the intro animation load and play just fine, but afterward, the game hang with a white screen, while the music continue to play.
Apr 16 @ 22:23
Just solve the problem!

go to start>Run

type "dxdiag"

change the sound acceleration to Full


start and enjoy the game!
Apr 16 @ 22:41
well, it turn out that it is false. I manage to accidentally load it once and it return back to the same white screen with sound problem.
Apr 17 @ 06:30
rune factory is playable on no$gba 2.6a just make sure that under gba mode, in emulation setup, is on vga (poppy bright), then when you click or hit enter or anything the game will continue normally.           

EDIT - ok ive reexamined my settings multiple times and so far the game working seems to be a random thing so as of right now its like if your willing to press the star on your num pad everytime you load it up to reset it and use the + on your num pad to speed thru the intro to the opening vide and press the a button untill it works then ya get it but till i or sumone else can figure out how to make it a always work thing then forget it lol but ima continue trying to make it work
May 08 @ 20:51
It works for me .

Perform following steps .
1 Select the game
2 Go to Emulation settings
4 Set NDS Backup catridge media to EEPROM 64 Kbit
5 OK


WTH , It works 1 in 100 tries . Getting angry
Aug 06 @ 10:49


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