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i'm kind of addicted to those things you sniff
its not a drug but in ireland and surrounding countrys its called a vick inhaler, but i got an olbas oil one(from chemist) to clear my nose but it won't and i'm addicted to it, its like if you need a fag it really p*s's me off and i can't tell any of my family and my friends just laugh but i'm worried, what if i got one that someone put something in and i'll never get it again? it makes me feel high afetr sniffing it and some people want to buy it off me but i won't sell it, they got the same inhaler as me but nothing happens.please help i'm really addicted :'(
Aug 29 @ 16:34
Throw it in the bin or something or burn it.
Aug 29 @ 18:21
but i'm addicted to it, you've obviously never had an addiction
Aug 29 @ 18:26
[quote author=snuffles link=topic=18887.msg97687#msg97687 date=1125340002]
but i'm addicted to it, you've obviously never had an addiction

Try and ask one of your friends to throw it away for you.
Aug 29 @ 18:31
Beating an addiction is hard and the only way to do it is to stop. Ask someone to throw it away for you and stay inside your room and play computer games or whatever all night, or go somewhere where you know you can't get any of it. There's really no other advice I can give you, Ofcourse you can see a doctor, the doctor-patient privilege means that they can't tell your parents anything. I'm not sure if that applies to kids though. You can just ask him / her to keep it secret.
Aug 29 @ 18:52
i am mint adicted.
use chewing gum instead(mint)
or a very better thing to do:
take ur finger, rub it with ur lips then smell ur finger(i never do that offcouse but smell aditcs can to that to stop awful adictions)
Aug 29 @ 19:52
cover it with something that really stinks, like mouldy sardines, over mature cheese, your older brothers/sisters socks/underwear, etc... if not, consider suicide (I don't mean that) get hooked to chewing your nails, or drinking milk (that happened to me last summer!) or simply have a elastic band around your wrist, and each time you think about that "Vick inhaler" or go to take a sniff, hi your self with it, if you know what I mean.
Aug 29 @ 20:59
You have to get rid of it. You'll have to breathe through your mouth for a while, but you'll get over the addiction.
Aug 29 @ 21:08
umm, i think we should list what the stuff is in it.
Aug 29 @ 21:17
No need, all nose spray addictions have the same cure.
Aug 29 @ 22:24
??? why not just start smoking? That way you would be addicted to smoking instead of the inhaler :)

its a joke.
Aug 29 @ 23:43
This is hilarious, those advertising companys have discoved whats in this topic, and now, these are adverts:

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break the habbit without suffering

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Vicks inhaler
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See what I mean...
Aug 31 @ 20:34
You should just contact your doctor. He'll know what to do.
Sep 01 @ 00:08
Well, you know, its not so bad being addicted to something, as long as its not bad for your health, I'm addicted to english tea and meat!
Sep 01 @ 17:49
try to eat gum and play roms or mmorpgs or just eat food like chips chocolate and do your homework if you dont have any then go out side and run like crazy until you are tired so all you think of is to sleep i will give you some more tips if this didnt work.
Sep 01 @ 18:08
If you dont want to throw away the inhaler, its best that you just go out and find the best rehab center in your area...because you might cause a sudden craze in you town for vicks o_O
Sep 02 @ 08:51
Samsh it up with a hammer, then set it on fire, then put the ashes in a hankerchief, then stamp on them 20 time, finally dispose of them at a local dump.
Sep 02 @ 17:08


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