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<@polite> Having Finder crash MacOS is like opening the card catalogue and having the library burn down
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<princess> Customer: "I would like to purchase Final Cut Pro Studio and a Mini Mac"
<princess> Me: "Umm, are you using the Mini Mac to run Final Cut Pro Studio"
<princess> Customer: "Yes"
<princess> Me: "I'm sorry to report but the Mac Mini is mostly just for internet surfing email, and a few other things. It's not designed to be a media intensive computer"
<princess> Customer: "Don't get smart with me, you are just trying to raise your commission"
<princess> Me: "I don't get paid commission"
<princess> Customer: "I don't believe it, just get me my products I asked for"
<princess> So I shrug it off and get her what she wants.
<princess> A Day Later
<princess> Customer comes storming in.
<princess> Customer points at me because I was luckily working and screams "THIS LIAR RIGHT HERE SOLD ME A COMPUTER THAT CANT EVEN RUN THIs SOFTWARE. I WANT SEE A MANAGER AND I WANT HIM FIRED."
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<Bleck> ETG is down
<Bleck> the OCR forums are down
<polite> the end of time has arrived
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<FlyingTankOfDeath> http://www.cnbc.com/id/25782540
<FlyingTankOfDeath> rofl
<%menofuntall> what the hell when did feraligatr join the LIBELLDRA THEATRE TROUPE
<Flounder> apparently
<Flounder> today
<polite> sony is winning because your 16 year old son is easily impressed?
<FlyingTankOfDeath> BUT POLITE
<FlyingTankOfDeath> HE WATCHES G4
<FlyingTankOfDeath> HE'S AN EXPERT!
<polite> lol, those GameStop cocksuckers love talking about blu-ray, as if it's God's gift to retards
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<polite> Iggy_Koopa, someone on this forum for my school is ranting about how "Americans know nothing about anti-virus software"
<VitaEdo> Now I have to go see your twin brother and teleport using him too
<polite> I responded:
<polite> I wouldn't think many people in Bangladesh would know much about anti-virus software either, or even in Chad, Sudan, maybe even Peru, how about Siberia...
<VitaEdo> lol school forums
<~Iggy_Koopa> http://www.bangladesh.com/forums/computers-technology/18219-anti-virus-program-best.html
<polite> lol
<polite> perfect
Dec 11 @ 10:30